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 Elainegrey, in her response to me yesterday, said something that inspired me to write a post today. She said, "timely," and she said it like that, in quotes. I suspect she did that because she recognized that "timely" is a judgement that someone makes about an action.

I'd started off my post implying that my reply had taken too long. That's not a reality-based observation, it's my judgement about the situation, and my judgement fueled the unhappiness I'd expressed. Judgements... we're so well practiced in them! And they're a such handy tool for keeping us out of touch with our needs!

Elainegrey had her finger right on reality when she pointed out that the reply came at a time that was good for her. It took longer than I would have liked for me to reply, but it wasn't too long. There is no too long.

The music might be louder than you would like, but it's not too loud for that kid on the bus. He's having a great time with the volume in his headphones right where it is. He might even turn it up, if that were an option. 

If it's louder than you would like, you're older than I would like. Ok, that doesn't work. Communication is fascinating, man. I groove on the spin NVC puts on it.

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