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Ok, i am so freakin' excited about giraffesanctuary I can't even think straight. Or I'm hopped up on allergy medicine and caffeine intoxication. Piemancer, don't finish this cup. And take the compost out, while you're at it.

On Saturday, as we were packing up the scubatruck to leave Mukilteo, we heard a scubacommotion in the next parking spot- one of the divers had left half her weights at home. Seventeen pounds. She couldn't dive without it, and her buddy was left high and dry. We're instructors, so we carry tons extra. Ok, only 40 pounds, but you lug that around and see if you don't say tons. 

They were really grateful that we could hook them up with exactly the weight they needed. I felt so happy because sharing $50 worth of weights and trusting that they'd find us the next day to give them back fueled my need for community, connection, and fun. 

Would anyone be willing to celebrate with me by reflecting back what they hear me say? 

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