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Jul. 5th, 2012 10:14 am
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Ok, back to my goal of daily Giraffe posts! I'd given myself an NVC break in recent days, and that has left me less in touch with my giraffe than I would like.  Today, I felt interested in listening to recorded classes at the online NVC Academy again. Yay!

Today's giraffe treat for myself is that i'm going to notice the feelings I feel when I admit I have judgement about a circumstance. I expect to feel relief just figuring out I have them! 

Piemancer Jackal: I shouldn't drink so much coffee.
Piemancer Giraffe: Good job, Piemancer! You found a place where you have judgements!
Piemancer Jackal: Ahhhh. Comfy, comfy judgements.
Piemancer Giraffe: When I'm ready,   I can investigate my needs and values around this circumstance.  
Piemancer Jackal: I can make life better!


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