Jun. 12th, 2012


Jun. 12th, 2012 03:42 pm
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 Well, I'm eager to build community in this community. I know there are other giraffes out there in my daily life, but unless I catch someone being blatantly compassionate, I don't know it.

I found an NVC cartoon series, and I couldn't help but get a laugh out of it. 

Of course, it would help me meet my needs for connection if you were to share what's alive in you. Speaking as a baby giraffe, I hope this community will help me become more aware of what my needs are, and how I deal with them when they're not met. 

Lately, I've been especially focused on the need for connection. Today, I'm teaching a scuba class, and, this mornign, I wasn't eager to do it. I'm looking at the ways the class will help me connect with the new divers, and now, I think it'll be ok. 


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