Jun. 13th, 2012

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 I've never taken an NVC class. I have a subscription to the NVC Academy, and I listen in on recordings of other peoples' classes.

There are some trainers whose style drives me up the freakin' wall, and I don't enjoy listening. 

I notice that the ones I really get are the ones who are eager to accept the Jackal that folks bring to the group. Look at that face. Who can resist it? Playful, swift, riddled with parasites, alert, loyal. Lots of great reasons to love jackals. Not just because I think NVC works best when one person responds jackal-fully (otherwise, you wind up with one of these conversations), but also because our jackals are swift to hunt out our most important needs. And if we miss them the first time (you didn't notice that you feel irritated when your need for order wasn't met?), that jackal will howl until we notice(Cripes, would you just wash the damn dishes, Roommate!).

My jackal fiercely guards a need that I'm struggling to identify: I turn into an angry, unreasonable, stompy, screaming banshee when someone tells me what I'm thinking. 


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